“Aimee is professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. She is very thorough and looks at the large picture, not just a specific symptom. I went to her for treatment of neuralgia as recommended by my neurologist and dentist. After 3 sessions my pain was resolved.”

“I have been working with Aimee for about a year. She got me through a difficult bout of pneumonia and has been working on helping strengthen my immune system and soothe my stressed out psyche. Aimee combines strong clinical training, intellectual curiosity and great kindness in tackling the problems presented. She has a gentle touch and an appreciation of the apprehension someone new to acupuncture might have initially. I highly recommend her!!!”

“Aimee has helped me tremendously with different issues, the biggest one being neck pain and upper back tension. After one treatment using a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion, my neck “clicked” into place by itself — amazing. She has a diverse skill set and many years of experience in healing work, and combines treatments to approach a problem at various levels.”

“Aimee is an extremely talented acupuncturist who possesses a gentle strength that inspires confidence in her patients. I went to her without any experience with acupuncture, nervousness and all. She was extremely thorough in her intake and seemed to know exactly what to do. During the treatment I felt amazing and would recommend her services to anyone!”

“I have been seeing Aimee for several months now. Life is brighter, I feel more vitality and energy, my skin is now clear, and I’m not all over the place emotionally. After she checks in with her precise, attentive questions, I realize just how many little things are going on in my body that irk me, and need attention; things that lessen my quality of life, but of which I am not always even consciously aware; like feeling sluggish, or that I can’t seem to get warm, and my knee hurts. Interestingly enough, most of the time my little issues are related, and she addresses them in my bi-monthly session. Book her in advance, she’s pretty busy.”

“I highly recommend Aimee Wells for Acupuncture. I am a massage therapist, who requires a great deal of health and healing in my non-working hours. I have received acupuncture on and off again the last ten years. From Chicago to Hawaii to California, Aimee is the best! I can trust that she has the highest level of integrity and thus, provides the highest level of quality care. Her extensive knowledge and ability to take the problems you have and weave a treatment plan into an acupuncture session that quite often left me feeling like silk about ready to slide off the table, is what allows me to say this. Aimee has helped me with shoulder pain, emotional/mental relief , and endocrine related issues. If you want someone you can trust, go to Aimee!”

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