Aimee Wells Quin Acupuncturist

Aimee Wells Quin

Aimee Wells Quin, M.S., L.Ac., is a acupuncturist and clinical Herbalist with a Masterʼs of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been a licensed health care practitioner since 1998 and has been serving Bay Area residents since 1999. Always interested in women’s health, Aimee received her Doula training in 2000.

After completing her pre-med requirements and receiving her Bachelorʼs of Science in Genetics at the University of California-Davis, Aimee completed 1200 hours of training in advanced bodywork at the Hawaiian Islands School of Body Therapies. She practiced massage for 12 years and draws from that experience in her Acupuncture practice.

Aimee extends many thanks to her mentor Dr. Bob Levine, with whom she closely apprenticed for four years and who so generously shares his vast knowledge and experience.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, Aimee appreciates how gentle yet effective Chinese Medicine is, and how it can help us not only thrive in wellness, but also live lightly on the planet. Besides the total fulfillment she receives from treating patients, Aimee enjoys climbing, capoeira, yoga, and salsa dancing.